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JUSdJust ask us..... 

What do you play at parties?
We generally start with our Motown stuff and then up the energy as the night goes on.  We read the room and will play the songs appropriate to the night.  


Can I pick your set list?

Well you could but trust us. We're a great little band that's why you booked us. If you especially love some songs on our song list, let us know and we will make sure we include as many of them as possible on the night. Equally tell us what songs you really don't like and we will avoid them. 

The only thing we try to politely discourage is when brides (and grooms) email through the exact set list. This makes it very difficult for the band who would usually choose their set based on a number of factors. When a band puts a set list together they’ll consider their audience, which songs go well together, which are nice to start with and which really end the night well. A set list is something that needs careful consideration which is why it’s nearly always best to leave it up to the band.


We are getting married! Will you play our first dance?

Yes happy to if it is in our set list.  If your song isn't on the list contact us to work out all of the options. 


How do I know you are not rubbish?

Listen to the recordings on this site - posted with no production from live gigs. Or recorded LIVE in the studio all present and correct.. NO TRICKS... that's how we sound. Come and see us live and check out our testimonials. 


How many weddings and parties have you cancelled at late notice?

Err...None! - if we say we are going to be there. We will be.  We have never cancelled a wedding or party.. 


Can we use your PA for speeches?

Yes of course.  We have our own PA . 


How long does it take you to set up?

Ideally we need two hours to set up and at least one hour to clear away. 

What time will the band arrive? 

The band will generally arrive at 7:30 pm for a 9:30 pm start. We wont interrupt your speeches with noisy amps, but we  will always wait until the formalities are over before sound checking. If the band are playing in a different room to where your wedding breakfast is taking place, we will start setting up straight away (quietly!).
Sometimes venues insist that bands arrive earlier in the day to set up, this is no doubt the preferred option for many couples but unfortunately evening band fees are quoted on a 7:30 pm  arrival and so an early set-up will most likely incur additional costs. we  charge £20 / hour per band member for early set ups.

What time will the band start playing? 

We will work around you and your schedule on the night, however, I can’t stress how important it is to restrain from starting your band too early on in the evening, however tempting that may be. Your meal and speeches may be due to end at 6pm but that doesn’t mean we have to dive straight into the first dance! Guests are often more than happy to drink and socialise after the meal so don’t worry about keeping everyone entertained every second of the day.
We usually recommend that the band start no earlier than 8:30pm and if you can hold out until 9pm then even better. You’ve probably invested a significant part of your wedding budget on the band so it would be a real shame if they started too early and people weren’t quite ready to dance.


Do you need a stage? 

A stage isn’t essential and function bands are used to playing on the floor so don’t worry too much about it. It’s an added expense that can be avoided but if budget isn’t an issue then a stage is always a nice touch and will really add to that live gig atmosphere. You can hire small risers in most areas that ensure your party all get a good view of the action. 
Our six- piece band would require a stage of  least 16' x 12 to give us sufficient space for our standard six piece set. 

How much space to you need?

about 16' x 12' would be comfortable.  Please make sure the space is clean and clear for our arrival and that there is power run to the area you need us to play.  If we are playing outside. Please make sure the playing surface is level and there is a covering in case it is too hot or if it rains. 

Our venue has a sound limiter?

Sound limiters are the bane of the musicians existence but where there’s a will there’s a way. In case you’re not familiar with sound limiters, they’re trip switches installed at venues that turn the power off when the volume reaches a certain level. 

It all depends on how low your sound limiter is set but most bands are able to deal with sound limiters by either using soft drum sticks or electronic drums. It does mean the volume will be lower than you’re used to so always make enquiries with your venue before booking up and please let us know at the time of booking. 

What happens when the band isn't playing

You may even prefer to make up your IPAD playlist for the evening and this is encouraged if you’re keen to have more control over the music between sets. Alternatively we will play upbeat music during the break. 
We also recommend that you schedule your evening food to be served after the bands first set, it doesn’t matter how good the band is, people always think with their stomachs first and that could mean an empty dance floor!

How do you keep playing the same songs fresh?
That is a good question.  We love a flight so no two gigs are ever the same.  With a lot of songs we couldn't replicate the gig if we tried.  You are right,  you have got to keep it fresh for the band and the client.  We can all smell a bored function band a mile off. Am I right? That ain't us. 


How much will my party cost?

I'm going to be really honest with you...Your UK party or wedding could cost anywhere between £800 - £2,000 pounds if you are local and quite a bit more depending on what you need and where you are. Any band quoting less are not the quality you need for your great party or important day.  Best contact us with your needs and let us give you a professional quotation. 

Why is the price higher than the website?

I’m sure you’ve spent many hours trawling through the hundreds of wedding bands on the net and after submitting your first few enquiries have found that prices quoted are often higher than the advertised fees. The main reason for this is that bands will advertise their base rate but may charge more when travelling. First of all there’s the fuel costs but then they also need to consider the extra time spent travelling and whether accommodation will be required or you may need us to set up earlier/ finish later than we would do normally.  If you have a huge room or loads of guests we may suggest adding a sound engineer and additional lighting to ensure all is the best it can be. Sound Light and Vision make the party rock!

Are there hidden extras? 

No but there are some standards which would be included in the contract.  Like providing a safe clear area for the band.  running power to the place we will be playing. A stage isn't essential but it will ensure your party will be able to see the band. We also ask that you ensure the band have access to drinks throughout your booking and if its a wedding or a big party and you are feeding your guests please feed us too. 

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